The delegation of the United States of America visited our school


From April 16 to 22, a line of six senior international officers represented by Dr. Nosa Egiebor from the University of Mississippi were invited to visit our school, and there were communications and discussions about the implementation and promotion of related exchange and cooperation projects between the two schools.

During the visit, president Zheng Wentang met with the visiting delegation. President Zheng Wentang gave full affirmation of achievements in exchange teacher and exchange students programs between the two schools, and he also hoped to continue to expand and strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between the two schools so that more teachers and students would benefit from the programs. Dr. Egiebo thanked president Zheng Wentang for encouragement and support in exchanges and cooperation between the two schools and expressed strong desire for further strengthening and expanding the exchange and cooperation between the two schools.

Vice President Shen Zhili deeply exchanged views with the delegation about the two schools jointly setting up a sino-foreign cooperative educational institution, namely two schools jointly setting up a non legal person qualification international college in our school, and the both sides carried out communication and discussion about degree granting, professional settings, teaching plan, requirements for the University of Mississippi sending their teachers to teach lessons and other matters of the future international college.

During the visit, the delegation from the University of Mississippi respectively had discussions and exchanges with departmental leaders and related teachers of School of Computer Science, School of Electrical and Control Engineering, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, School of Economics and Management, School of Humanities and Law. The delegation had a full understanding of the relevant professional training program, curriculum and professional characteristics, and discussed about cooperative research by teachers exchange, undergraduate double degree joint training, curriculum docking, credit transfer and other related matters. The delegation also visited our game development laboratory, virtual reality laboratory, power electronics and electrical drive laboratory, innovation lab, intelligent recognition and image processing laboratory, satellite navigation and positioning laboratory, image and perception laboratory, flexible roll forming process technology research center, and communicated with the students from international experimental class in grade 2015 of School of Economics and Management.

The other members of the delegation from the University of Mississippi: dean of College of Engineering Dr Alexander Cheng, dean of College of Arts and Sciences Dr Lee Michael Cohen, and director of College of Journalism and New Media Dr Hugo Wilbert Norton, and director of Office for Foreign Students Affairs Ge-Yao, Liu, project coordinator of Office for Global Affairs Kurt Wildon Smith.

By International Office